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Special Message from

Mr Raj Joshua



Mr Raj Joshua Thomas


Security Association Singapore

I am delighted to congratulate the 31 recipients of the Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award, the Excellence in IDP Solutions Award, Excellence in Job Redesign Awards and Excellence in VA Implementation Awards. 

This year, we have named the Security Agency of the Year Award after the founder of SAS, Mr Alexander Henson, affectionately called “Uncle Henson”. The Award and its yearly winners exemplify what Uncle Henson stood for in our industry: professionalism, development and commitment.

I am therefore particularly happy to congratulate AETOS Guards Services Pte Ltd, Bulls-Eye Security Services Pte Ltd and FormTeam Consultancy Pte Ltd for winning the Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award 2020. They have exemplified these values, and showcased stellar and innovative solutions, continuing to raise the bar for our industry. 

AETOS Guards Services Pte Ltd took a unique approach to job redesign. They recognised that the role of SOs has gone beyond that of security and have spearheaded initiatives in providing multi-tiered security and facilities management courses. Their officers are multi-skilled and future-ready, creating significant added value for their clients. As a large agency, they have also made full use of their resources to harness smart technologies and video analytics to develop targeted and holistic security solutions for their clients. I was particularly impressed by the use of artificial intelligence for vehicle and human detection with an effective alarm system for SOs who can respond immediately and focus primarily on the site which requires a high level of security. 

Bulls-Eye Security Services Pte Ltd successfully obtained two Outcome-Based Contracts in mixed development and commercial sites. Through these contracts, they were able to achieve major cost savings for their clients on manpower and the implementation of technology across 3-year contracts. Their technology solutions include the use of video analytics, cluster security and wearable security technology. They have also created the new roles of roving patrolling officers and command centre controllers which have significantly improved productivity and the upskilling of officers. 

FormTeam Consultancy Pte Ltd successfully worked with the managing agent of a condominium to implement an Outcome-Based Contract, which resulted in the need for half the usual manpower, significant time savings in operation, registration, patrolling and access control through the use of video analytics and streamlined systems. They now employ higher ranking officers and through effective job redesign, find inherent value in developing their employees’ skills in utilising technology.

SII, SSAS and SAS will continue to work with our security tripartite partners to champion efforts to raise the level of professionalism and standards in our industry  year-on-year. It was heartening to see growing adoption of Outcome-Based Contracts with private security buyers, and these award winners have demonstrated that this is the right direction for the industry. 

I would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to Workforce Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority and Enterprise Singapore for their continuing support of the Awards and of the industry. 

Once again, congratulations to the winners of this year’s Singapore Security Industry Awards!

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