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Alexander Henson

Security Agency Of The Year

Award Winners

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This prestigious award, the highest honour for security agencies in Singapore, is given to 3 security agencies that have shown significant capabilities in each of the three areas and the ability to offer security solutions incorporating both manpower and technology.


AETOS Guard Services Pte Ltd

Large Firm

AETOS, one of Singapore’s leading integrated security and safety service providers, adopts a multi-pronged approach to developing bespoke solutions that value add and unlock efficiencies for our clients. We used to deploy physical manpower to conduct access control duties for two of our commercial clients. After a review of existing operations, we collaborated with our clients to develop a holistic security solution which harnessed smart technologies, such as video analytics, as well as process innovation to help free up valuable manpower; allowing our officers to do higher value work and further enhance security and safety outcomes.


Aside from using technology to augment their core security duties on the frontlines, AETOS also believes in a multi-skilled workforce that is equipped with future-ready skillsets to tackle the security challenges of tomorrow. Security officers are upskilled in diversified competencies by sending them for digital literacy course and basic facilities management course; enabling them to readily take on redesigned roles for greater productivity without any compromise in security.


Bulls-Eye Security Services Pte Ltd

Medium Firm

Through the years Bulls-Eye Security Services (BESS) saw the need to constantly evolve our services to keep ourselves ahead as an organization, to continuously seek to innovate and provide responsible, viable and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Being an SME ourselves we saw that it was important for us to push ourselves to the next level and we sought to achieve this through forming various partnerships with industry leaders and vendors so that we are able to package more value-added services for our clients. This is done through up-skilling & changing how security officers operate by refocusing their duties on more security related task and increasing their job efficiency through solutions such as remote surveillance, cluster security or by incorporating security technologies to reduce the reliance on security manpower.

This industry has a constant opportunity to keep growing and learning, both for us as an agency and industry. We strongly believe in life-long learning and up-skilling of our workforce to adapt to changes and creating more career pathways for our employees.

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FormTeam Consultancy Pte Ltd

Boutique Firm

FormTeam Consultancy Pte Ltd was founded in 2008 and we offered Integrated Solutions in three major services: Physical Security Services, Security Consultancy, Ops-Tech Consulting, Private Investigations, Motor and Marine Insurance Surveyor, Fast Accident Response Services, and Smart Technology Solutions.


Our strength lies in our determination, high efficient, dynamic and motivated professionals, in pursuit of the most cost effective Ops-Tech solution tailored to our client’s needs.


By always innovating to offer products and services that guarantee customer satisfaction. FormTeam Consultancy clinched its first Enterprise 50 (E50) award in 2018. Lead by its founders and Directors, Mr Tom Ho and Mr Frankie Pang, the company continues to build a diversified portfolio management to stay on top of the game.


FormTeam operates on a lean-manpower model with resources shared among these companies to maximise efficiency of resource usage.

In line with FormTeam’s push for technology, we developed mobile applications and smart solutions to meet clients’ needs, especially in the security industry. Rather than providing manpower for security based on headcount, FormTeam has gone a step ahead to provide security consultancy and unmanned solutions by integrating security operations with its security system and smartphone application solutions.

Alexander Henson Security Agency Of The Year Award Winners

*Based on Applications Received

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